The A1C Shift Method is a 7-week self-paced, online course that empowers T1Ds to reclaim ownership of their health, build sustainable habits, and finally lower their A1Cs for the long term.

Gain Control + Lower Your A1C


There are 8,760 hours in a year. You will spend approximately 2 of them with your endocrinologist. It’s time for you to take control of your own A1C.

 The A1C Shift Method is going to completely change the game for you.

Whether your A1C is a 7.0 or a 13.0,
you’re going to see results


This is where your transformation starts. This is where you get unstuck. 

You’re ready for the A1C Shift Method if…

You’re currently struggling to lower your A1C and have been feeling this way for months... or years

You want to build sustainable habits and establish a healthy mindset to support them 

You want someone on your team who actually has diabetes and understands what you’re going through

You know you need to lower your A1C but get overwhelmed just thinking about where to start

You are longing for a road map that has proved itself for many others before you 

Your target seems impossible to reach, even if it's just a few points away 

This is an invitation for you to get curious, challenge norms, and advocate for yourself.

It’s time to…

Accept that you need some outside help and that’s okay

Integrate diabetes into your life, instead of letting it interrupt

Have the tools to take on each day no matter what it brings

Better understand your body

Feel empowered and self-sufficient 

Feel grounded and mindful as you take on your health 

See actual results from all your determination and hard work

let's do this!

 This is a method 5 years in the making.

 This is more than just a course.

👉 A foundation of mindfulness and goal-setting

This self-paced, online course will help you discover:

👉 How to find your correct baseline rates through strategic testing

👉 How to identify patterns and listen to your body

👉 How and when to make changes in your routine and treatment plan

👉 How to apply what you’ve learned no matter where you are or what comes up

Every minute you wait now is another minute you are sitting with that same stubborn A1C.

And the time you commit over the next 7 weeks will reward you for a lifetime.

Start making a shift immediately.

I'm ready to shift!

Finally learn what you need to know and adopt a whole new mindset around who you are and how you want to live.


Lauren Bongiorno is a virtual diabetes health coach and creator of the Diabetic Health Journal whose company was recently featured on the TODAY show. Lauren and her team coach and create resources to help simplify the lives of people with diabetes

 Living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 20 years, coaching hundreds of clients in her programs and courses since 2015, and speaking across the country now as the Resident Diabetes Coach for Omnipod, Lauren’s been able to see what’s missing in the traditional diabetes management model. And fill that gap.

Her signature A1C Shift Method has helped hundreds of private clients and has been sought-after by doctors and endocrinologists who strive to see results in their patients.

“For the last 12+ years, I’ve kept my A1C in the 6’s or below.”

Inside this course, I will be sharing the EXACT strategies I used for myself to reach a 5.5 A1C with only 2% lows.

The exact strategies I have taught to hundreds of T1D students and clients
that have helped them achieve great results.

I live to bring all the pieces together and bridge the gap
between where you are
and where you want to be.

You’re here for a reason.

trust the pull that this is your next step

Take in Course Member Testimonials...


1. The Grounding Phase

We start with a blank slate so you can better understand yourself and what you need to reach success.

> Finding and naming the specific outcomes you will reach
> Finding a sustainable path to your goal A1C
> Mastering your mindset
> Creating a contextual framework

Work Through The 5 Signature Phases 

2. The Testing Phase

Strip away the variables to make sure your baseline is strong.

> Breaking down the T1D Rubik’s Cube 
> Figuring out the correct insulin needs for every part of your day
> Understanding the importance of testing and validating your ratios
> Solidifying the knowledge of when to change your rates and how

3. The observing Phase

Understanding how multiple factors relate to each other and how they're impacting you specifically.

> Learn how to start identifying patterns
> Stop asking, "What should I be doing?" and start trusting your own knowledge in order to take action
> Mastering your relationship with high/low blood sugar

4. The building Phase

Now you're seeing stable numbers, you have a strong base, you're self aware… it’s time to actually build the habits you need to keep moving forward

> Facing challenges with consistency
> Taking control of your nutrition at home
> Eating Out (without sacrificing your blood sugars)
> Movement and A1C

5. The adapting Phase

Apply everything you’ve learned to literally any situation outside your normal.

> Travelling with T1D
> Mastering your A1Cs during your Menstrual Cycle
> Prepping for Injury/Isolation/Change of Routine

and let's talk bonuses...

BONUS MODULE: Recentering During Overwhelm+ Next Steps

BONUS TOOLS: Course Syllabus + Calendar download

BONUS ACCESS: Online communication with the LB Coaching team and group support calls throughout the year.

By the end of this program, you will have...

A foundational method that actively fits into YOUR actual daily life

The tools you need to feel independent and in control of your management

A clear understanding of how you need to make changes and when (AKA say hello to finally taking things into your own hands)

Strategies that work in any scenario, whether you’re in your routine or drastically out of it

I'm in! sign me up!

You’ve been thinking...

“I want to be free to live a normal life without the stress of so many variables always impacting me.”

“It feels impossible to maintain consistency with my constantly changing schedule.”

“I know I need to change something but I have no idea where to start.”

“I’m constantly exhausted from putting in so much effort, meanwhile my A1C has barely budged.”

But you are not stuck where you are. 

You can shift.

Adopt a method developed by a T1D, for people who have diabetes

✨Feel confident adjusting your own insulin rates

✨Finally feel proud and accomplished as you lower your A1C

The A1C Shift Method was built for you.

You’re only 7 weeks away from feeling that
all the time.

I'm ready to shift!

Can you imagine 
the feeling of reaching 
your A1C goal?

Payment Plan

three payments of


→ Instant access to start The A1C Shift Method

→ Lifetime access to all 5 of The A1C Shift Method signature phases

→ BONUS MODULE: Recentering During Overwhelm + Next Steps

→ BONUS ACCESS: Online communication with the LB Coaching Team and group support calls throughout the year

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pay in full

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→ Instant access to start The A1C Shift Method

→ Lifetime access to all 5 of The A1C Shift Method signature phases

→ BONUS MODULE: Recentering During Overwhelm + Next Steps

→ BONUS ACCESS: Online communication with the LB Coaching Team and group support calls throughout the year

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the A1C Shift Method?

All coaching programs are done via FaceTime or phone call! Whichever you prefer.

You bet! We have Decide + Conquer Program graduates from all over the world- United States, New Zealand, England, Japan, Australia, Sweden, and more.

If there is not a time that works with your schedule, send an email to with your time zone and times in the next week that you are available for your consultation call.

 Program pricing starts at $2,000. We have different programs and payment plans to meet your needs. Let’s get you started by booking a free consultation call.

Because of the nature of the content, all sales are final.

The A1C Shift Method is a 7-week self-paced course that was developed over 5 years of coaching, by someone with T1D, for others with T1D.

It includes 28 videos that guide you through 5 Signature Phases. Through them, you will learn to better understand yourself and what you need to lower your A1C, to master your relationship with high/low blood sugar, and how to apply everything you learn to normal and not so normal life situations.

The A1C Shift Method will take you from wishing your T1D lifestyle was easier, to having everything you need to actually make it easier.

Who exactly is the A1C Shift Method for?

This course is open to anyone who wants to lower their A1C, including parents who have kids with T1D.

Whether you were diagnosed 6 months ago or 30 years ago, this course will work for you.

Can I join if I have Pre-Diabetes or Type-2 Diabetes?

This course is designed specifically for people who are also living with T1D, using strategies and information proven through years of successfully coaching individuals with Type 1 Diabetes.

If you’re living with Pre-Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, or Type 2 Diabetes and need somewhere to start, check out the Diabetic Health Journal! It is a tool that has been developed to help anyone living with diabetes take control of their health through journaling and habit-tracking.

The other good news is that we are constantly growing and developing new products and opportunities for coaching. So, stay tuned!

Does it matter if I use shots or an insulin pump?

Either is fine and will work with this course!

When does the program start?

As soon as you register, you will gain immediate access to our Welcome Videos and the Week 1 course materials. Then, you can start as soon as you’re ready!

What happens when the 7 weeks are over?

Well, for one, welcome to your whole new way of life!

In terms of the course material, nothing changes!

You have lifetime access to the materials you receive in The A1C Shift Method and you are always welcome to join in our quarterly Q&A sessions with the coaching team, even after you’ve completed the course. So, if you find your control slipping a year from now, you can dive right back in at any time.

How does the course work?

This course is delivered module-by-module over 7 weeks.

In order to keep you on track and not overwhelm you with too much information at once, the materials will be delivered to you in sets, once a week for 7 weeks, until you’ve received the complete course!

When you register, you get instant access to the first six videos in the course.The next module will then be unlocked in 7 days, after you’ve had time to implement the first steps and complete the homework necessary for the next phase.

Once the 7 weeks are over, you will continue to have lifetime access to all of the modules, videos, and worksheets.

How much does The A1C Shift Method cost?

The A1C Shift Method is 7 weeks of scheduled online modules that will take you from unsure to certain about how to maintain confidence in lowering your A1C and staying in range.

You can pay in full for $997 or join our payment plan option, which is 3 payments of $347.

Does this course include coaching?

As you work through the course modules, you will be able to share your questions and get direct replies from our coaching team through a comments section along with each video.

You will also gain access to our quarterly coaching support calls, exclusive to members of the A1C Shift Method, where you can ask our coaching team your questions and share your successes with others who are on the same journey.

Does this course help with weight loss?

Increasing blood sugar stability often supports healthy weight loss and many of our members see results in both their A1C and their weight by following the methods in this program. The A1C Shift Method prioritizes blood sugar management and increased time in range, and there are portions of the course that explore exercise and nutrition. If weight loss is a major goal for you, you will benefit from pairing the A1C Shift Method with our Exercise + Insulin Sensitivity Course. 

Taylor T.

"This course made a huge impact on my life. I was never able to get below a 6.8 A1C on my own so I knew I needed help because my husband and I wanted to get pregnant soon. The A1C Shift Method helped me lower my A1C to a 6.1 so all I can say is that this course is SO WORTH IT!! I also am excited that I will always be able to come back to the course and continue to use it to fine tune. I'm so happy, thank you Lauren and team!"

Jessica A.
T1d 14 years

"The A1C Shift Method Course has put my T1D control back in my hands. Some things in the course I might have heard before, but I had never in 14 years created the time, space and commitment to unpack, test and learn. I lowered my A1C from a 7.8 to a 6.9 and feel like I now know how to read my body, patterns and habits, and even as life changes over the coming years I will have the structure for tests and prompts that I can continue to revisit as I need." 

Tim B.
T1D 10 years

“Before Lauren's program I was constantly tired and wanted to be healthier for my baby girl being born. I am an ex- MLB player but was really struggling with self discipline. Lauren's method helped me lower my A1C from an 8.1 to 6.9 and it was one of the best investments I could have made. I would recommend Lauren's programs to anyone who expects more for themselves but needs help getting started!"

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